The Blackjack – this is classic for all time.

The Blackjack – this is classic for all time.

The Blackjack card game is represented by a game field in the form of a special table and corresponding markup. Here, prize combinations are collected using playing cards, and bets are made with virtual chips, which the user has 100. The highest combination of 21 points, brings a payout of the coefficient 3 to 2 (x2.5 of the bet). Blackjack insurance and the Split feature are available in the game.

The Blackjack – this is classic for all time.
The Blackjack – this is classic for all time.

Management of the card game Blackjack

To control the course of your game, a special online console is located in the free Blackjack online slot machine. It`s located at the bottom of the screen and consists of a series of buttons and information cells.
In the beginning, for all users there are 100 credits for free, which are constantly displayed in the Credit item.
A player can make his bet using a series of chips with a face value from 0.10 to 100 located above the control panel. To do this, click on one of them, and the chip will immediately move forward to the gaming table. The total number of credits made is displayed in points Bet and Total Bet. Also, you can make a maximum bet (100 credits) by pressing the Max Bet button. To collect your contribution before the start of the game, click on the Cancel Bet button.
You can start the game with a large round key in the center of the console.
After the first 2 cards are issued, additional buttons appear on the screen:

- Hit - add a map;

- Stand - completion of the combination;

- Split - splits the combination into two hands.

- Winnings are displayed in Win.

After the tour is completed, instead of the start button, the Last Bet button will appear, which will repeat the last bet.

How to play of the card game Blackjack

The rules of the presented version of the Blackjack game from Wasdan, practically don`t differ from those that exist in ground institutions. The user must collect a combination of cards, which in terms of the number of points scored will exceed the combination of the dealer. The largest sequence brings the user a payout in excess of 2.5 times the rate on the tour. Other combinations collected will bring a double bet.
If the numerical indicator of the collected card combination is lower than that of the dealer or exceeds the number 21, the player will lose his bet.
Each card has its own denomination:

- From 2 to 10 - meets its own indicators;

- J, Q, K is equal to 10;

- A - if the combination with this card is less and equal to 21, then the ace is evaluated as 11, otherwise - 1.

After starting the game, the user and dealer are given 2 cards, the number of which can be increased at your discretion. When the first dealer card is an ace, the player is offered a function such as insurance. The user can set half of his initial contribution and if the dealer has blackjack (21 points from 2 cards), the player loses the bet, but the insurance premium doubles. Otherwise, only the second bet is spent.
The presented version of the game allows you to bet only on 1 hand and a maximum of 100 credits per tour. There is no double button, Autoplay is inactive.

Additional keys of the card game Blackjack

In addition to the above keys on the control panel, the game has several additional switches that are located in the lower left part of the screen:

- gear - allows you to display the slot in full screen, speed up the game and use the "space" to start the tour;

- speaker - mutes / unmutes the sounds of the machine;

- pictogram “?” - a brief description of the buttons and rules of the game;

- the “i” icon is a payout table.

The Blackjack slot machine will help you feel the true spirit of Vegas. Here, with the help of 100 free credits, you can bet, collect combinations and beat the dealer. The main thing is to collect more points than the croupier, but not to exceed 21.

The Blackjack – this is classic for all time.
The Blackjack – this is classic for all time.
The Blackjack – this is classic for all time.