Aliens slots – is online game for everyone

Aliens slots – is online game for everyone

Our planet is only a world of people; it`s also an arena for two over civilizations, which annually pit their best fighters among themselves. True, for some reason, between this hammer of alien people and the anvil of a race of predators are precisely people for whom the main goal is survival in this meat grinder. Aliens slot offers you to find out, if you can survive this war or will you become its next victim? It all depends on your ingenuity, ingenuity and courage.


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Aliens slots – is online game for everyone Aliens slots – is online game for everyone

Play free Aliens slot online

Online “Aliens” is a 5-reel video slot with 15 lines (they are all active by default, and their number cannot be changed), three rows of pictures on the screen, special characters, additional multipliers, several levels with different special functions, and other options.

Paid combinations are formed according to classical principles. It is necessary that several identical images appear on the active line. They should fall on the adjacent drums, starting from the far left. Only the most valuable combination on each line is a winning one.

To calculate the payout amount, which is made automatically, the bet made per line is multiplied by the combination coefficient specified in the special table. The maximum is x1000. All winnings are added up to the completion of the spin. There is no doubling round, so the payment immediately ends up in the main account.

The data on the theoretical return of the Aliens video slot will appear in the informational section a little later.

Bonus games in Aliens slots

The main stage of the game is the first level and is called The Search ("Search"). The symbols that make up the paid combinations are duplicated on a special scale located above the reels. Their multipliers are also indicated there. Wild do not get there. When there are no free cells left on the scale, the player will move to the second level – The Encounter (“Fight”). Here he has to fight with monsters.

Monsters will accumulate in waves between which the reels with a special set of symbols will rotate. After the repulsed attack, the Ammo Reel horizontally rotating drum will appear. According to him, plays additional equipment to continue the fight.

If you manage to pass the second stage, you will find yourself at the level of The Hive (“The Hive”), where you have to destroy, as the first computer games, the boss said. We won`t disclose the details of this round in order to preserve intrigue. In any case, nothing depends on you. Everything is decided by the "will" of the random number generator.

The main rules free Aliens slots online

The rules of the online game describe in more detail the nuances of all stages of the bonus round of the Aliens video slot. In the user settings, you can adjust the game speed, sound and other aspects. There is a reference section and automatic betting mode.

Of course, Aliens is one of the best video slots produced GetCasinoSlots and even one of the most spectacular and exciting models that have appeared in online casinos in recent months. It’s good for everybody: interface, graphics, a set of options, a bonus round, a variety of settings, and so on.

Perhaps, he won`t like only those who prefer classic slot machines or gambling of other genres that are not related to video slots. For the rest, we strongly recommend testing it. The rules may seem a bit complicated, but don't worry about it. In fact, you only need to start the drums and watch what is happening on the screen.