Free Animal Slots are made especially for you!

Free Animal Slots are made especially for you!

Fans of video slots will adequately appreciate the sensations obtained in Animals. This gaming machine is something new, having its own aura of excitement and positive mood. Who knows, maybe just one spin of the Animal will bring you a fortune? The risk is worth it, especially when you play online casinos.


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Free Animal Slots are made especially for you! Free Animal Slots are made especially for you!

Features of free slot machines about Animals

Slot machines about animals, as a rule, are 5-reel, have a colorful interface and offer various bonuses: free spins, respins, interactive mini-games. Three-drum animals with a few beasts, an example is the Fountain of Youth from Playtech with 3 reels and 3 paylines.

Conventionally, animal game machines are divided into the following types:

- about pets;
- about the inhabitants of the jungle;
- about the Arctic and Antarctic;
- a separate species - monkey gaming machines;
- about the underwater world;
- about insects, bugs and butterflies;
- about birds;
- about dinosaurs;
- fantasy.

Most often there are slot machines with predators - wolves, bears, panthers, eagles. Devices about the underwater world contain characters with fish and sharks. Many slot machines were devoted to dinosaurs and prehistoric fauna.

A little story about free Animal slots

The first gaming machines with pictures of animals appeared in the late thirties, and the Black Cat gaming machine from Caille Bros. Co, released in 1902, contained on the body of the image of a black cat. A brilliant nickel-plated device with a mirror and music allowed players to win the progressive jackpot.

Tips experienced gamblers on the free game about Animals

For those who are just starting to play in Animals, it is recommended to first try out the slot in free mode - this is a real chance to learn the game, frequency of issue, rules and other details. Only after that you can go to small rates.

1. Putting large sums at stake is undesirable. When confidence in your abilities appears, it is better to make average bets - and there are more emotions from winning, and you will not have to stretch time.

2. Slot Animals is famous for its unpredictability. It is impossible to calculate the winning round in advance, so it’s better to resort to betting strategies or just enjoy the game without any calculations.

3. In a virtual institution, the game Animals often chooses exactly for relaxation and for receiving positive emotions even avid gamblers and roulette fans.

What else to say? Even a beginner can win in the free video slot Animals, for that there is no need to delve into the study of the gaming industry. Be sure to try this free slot, because it may be that a big victory is waiting for you!