Barcrest is famous company among real gamer

Barcrest is famous company among real gamer

Barcrest is a well-known producer of gaming machines and other products for gambling operators. For several decades, it has been collaborating with companies involved in offline and online gambling.

Barcrest is famous company among real gamer

Barcrest Games

Barcrest is famous company among real gamer Barcrest is famous company among real gamer
Barcrest is famous company among real gamer Barcrest is famous company among real gamer

General description of the Barcrest

Initially, Barcrest was engaged in the production of arcade game machines, equipment for bingo halls and all kinds of slot machines with games intended for installation in pubs and similar establishments.
It achieved serious success in this field, releasing a number of very popular models in the UK with a prize draw.
In the second half of the nineties of the 20-th century, Barcrest also engaged in the release of software for online casinos. The company also expected success in this field.

History of the Barcrest

Barcrest was founded in 1968 as a developer and manufacturer of gaming machines for leisure people in the UK. Over the next decade, Barcrest became the leading entertainment sector in the UK.

Over the next three decades, Barcrest expanded its product range and converted them to digital games. During this time, the company produced stunning games, including the legendary Rainbow Riches game, which became a brand in 2006. Barcrest soon established itself as a leading provider of gaming content and terminals to the UK gaming industry.

Building on its success in the bingo and gaming sectors, Barcrest has expanded its product range by providing multi-channel gaming content for operators of interactive digital television, mobile and online games.

After Barcrest was acquired by Scientific Games in 2011, Barcrest merged with The Global Draw, which led to the formation of the SG Gaming gaming platform.

Games from Barcrest

By the beginning of the third millennium, the company, remaining under the Barcrest brand, revised its strategy, entering the online gambling market. A developer with vast experience in the production of popular gambling, immediately took a leadership position, offering unique digital games. Already in 2006, Rainbow Riches became one of the most popular slot machines and is still considered the legend of online gambling, played by millions of fans around the world. However, Barcrest does not stop, and offers new and new products, Monopoly slots - Big Event, Elvis Top 20, Wipeout are no less popular. In addition, the company offers a wide selection of other board games, which can be found in various online casinos.
In 2011, Barcrest merged with The Global Draw, it began to work on the market under the brand name SG Gaming, using the achievements and capabilities of the larger company Scientific Games, which it is now a structural unit. Today, SG Gaming, drawing on its wealth of experience, is promoting a new multi-channel game content project. This will allow operators to gain new opportunities in working with interactive electronic games. All games are supported by the company's servers, many of them, in addition to versions for personal computers, have mobile versions of games, which makes them even more accessible to a wide range of users.