Free battle slot online is classics of the genre

Free battle slot online is classics of the genre

Free battle slots online, is one of those games where you initially plan to play only ten minutes. But later discover that an hour has passed. There are new methods and objects that you will receive to continue the fight. You will also have the opportunity to purchase runes, friendly companions, animals, and other surprises. Free battle slots won`t allow the game to be boring and monotonous. Creatures you encounter also have some variety. They will make you think about how to use your methods instead of blindly pressing the spin button and waiting for results


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Free battle slot online is classics of the genre Free battle slot online is classics of the genre

Main features of free battle slots

Battle Slots online are quite interesting and in its original clone of the popular "Puzzle Quest". Only this time, the player won`t have to move all sorts of chips, but to challenge the legendary one-armed gangster. Today, Fortune will definitely be on your side, so it's time to test yourself! Traditionally, the events of the online game transfer players to a completely new world called Tellus, where not so long ago an ancient evil awakened. Of course, as it should be according to the laws of the genre, it`s up to you to save everyone from the oncoming Army of Darkness! Fight hordes of merciless creatures in hundreds of different locations, complete quests, use a magic slot machine, and of course - win, win, and win again!

Symbols of the online Battle slot

Of course, on the slot screen you will see a bright interface and beautiful pictures. In addition to them, the reels show the face values ​​of the cards from tens to ace.

Wild, Bonus and Scatter have special features, which you can easily recognize by the inscriptions. Wild is not paid for by itself, but can replace other images, except for the scatter and the bonus element. To do this, he must fall in the right place.

Bonus launches the prize round with three such symbols on the screen. Scatter generates combinations regardless of location, and wins are calculated at the total bet per round. 15 free spins with tripled odds also start from three scatters. The bet here for the client is the casino

Why the free battle slot online is the best?

The online game includes colorful drawn slots, funny sound effects, music, animations such as lightning strikes, streams of fire, and much more during battle sequences. The biggest challenge of the free game, however, is that it sticks too closely to the Puzzle Quest formula.

Outside of combat sequences, you simply click on map points to move from point A to point B. You don’t actually see the locations you are visiting, and the quests you encounter are related to reading text snippets, but by clicking on a new part of the map , you fight a creature or series of creatures, and then return to gain gold and experience points. The story is painfully general, linear progress, besides there is no statistics, mini-games and other playback modes.

Of course, the "Battle" attracts, first of all, interesting topics for many users and vibrant graphics. In the game plan, the most striking option is the bonus round. However, free spins with tripled odds and special pictures, not being original features, will please any player. It must be admitted that the control panel clearly resembles the one used in gaming machines of one - let's not call it - the famous manufacturer of 3D slots. This is a plus or minus of the model in question, decide for yourself.