Play and win with online slots from Belatra

Play and win with online slots from Belatra

Fame for gambling Belatra came in the mid-1990s. They were present in almost every gambling club in the territory of the post-Soviet republics. There are card and board games in the portfolio of Belatra,as well as multigames for every taste, and the total number of titles includes 117 titles:

- 93 gaming machines Belatra;
- 14 slots with video poker;
- 4 electronic roulettes;
- 3 online multigame;
- 2 hi-lo;
- 1 slotmino.

Play and win with online slots from Belatra

Belatra Games

Play and win with online slots from Belatra Play and win with online slots from Belatra
Play and win with online slots from Belatra Play and win with online slots from Belatra

Gaming machines from Belatra company

Specially for offline casinos and gambling halls, Belatra Games slot machines are delivered in 4 classes of buildings:

- Nevada with two 24-inch LCD monitors, a 27-inch top additional TFT Full HD screen and an LCD touch panel with Touchscreen game control, which can be replaced with push-button controls. Such gaming machines are completed with collections of the Grand Games series. It includes 15 titles, including such hits as Anotherland, Dracula Riches, Frogs Greek, Marswood Party 2, Persian Nights, The Ghost Walks and others.

- Neostar with two 22-inch LCD monitors, touch controls, a bill acceptor and a slot for credit cards, player cards, electronic tickets, etc. Such devices are completed with gaming sets of the Multi Millionaire, Super Millionaire, Multi Billionaire, Roulette, Grand Games, Multi Vision Advanced, Nice Pair, Game Bank series. This multigame, which includes from 2 to 15 games. The most popular are the Sevens Super Sevens sets of seven video slots with classic fruit symbols, sevens, bells and BAR.

- RioGrande with two 22 ”and 27” LCD monitors, one of which shows the image in Full HD resolution, touch controls and a stereo sound system. For these slot machines Belatra various games are delivered according to the customer’s choice.

- DeLuxe in a stylish black all-metal case with two 19-inch monitors, stereo and touchscreen function. These Belatra slot machines support one of the Multi Millionaire series of games.

Original jackpot systems for Belatra slots

Own jackpot systems allow Belatra to combine slot machines into a single network. Thus, the maximum winnings of players can reach millions of rubles. For its slot machines from other companies, Belatra offers 3 types of systems with a cumulative jackpot:

- jPotSystem – combines from 2 to 127 gaming machines with fine settings for the formation of a prize pool in terms of the number of players, stakes, time, etc.

- jPotSystem + tournament – a modified system of jackpots, which allows you to maintain the competitive spirit among fans of gambling entertainment. After the expiration of the stated time, the best player on the video slots included in the network is determined, the total amount of the bets, the size of the prize money received or the number of victories of each gambler is estimated.

- Space Patrol is a distributed system for determining the jackpot, when the winner is determined randomly at the level of the gaming machine without accessing the server, regardless of the combination on the slot machine. This type of jackpot is set by default on all multigames of the Super Millionaire series from Belatra.

All systems for joining slot machines to jackpot networks have flexible settings and allow you to look at gambling entertainment of Belatra from a different angle. The possibility of uniting into a single network of completely different Belatra video slots, electronic roulettes, video poker and other games has the best effect on the involvement of gamblers in the game process.