Bonus round in free online casino – last chance to become a millionaire

Bonus round in free online casino – last chance to become a millionaire

Free slot machines with bonus rounds are especially popular with beginners. First, the online bonus rounds make the game process even more interesting. Secondly, bonus rounds increase the chances of winning at least 2 times. Free bonus games online are available both in the main mode and in the demo version.


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Bonus round in free online casino – last chance to become a millionaire Bonus round in free online casino – last chance to become a millionaire

Paylines - more bonus, more money

The main characteristic of all free slot machines is the number of winning lines, that is, the lines along which the characters are combined into winning combinations. The number of lines in the slots determines the size and frequency of payments. If there is only one line in the game, the winnings will be quite large. But the more lines, the less payment coefficients combinations. It`s worth remembering that the number of paylines also affects the bet, the more of them, the more you have to bet.

Free bonus rounds - our slots include many bonus line

Many players choose slot machines with additional bonuses in the form of bonus rounds. Such rounds are a mini-game with various prizes, plots and principles.

Very often, the slots have quite original bonus games that match the plot of the slot machine. For example, if the slot is devoted to the theme of the adventures of pirates, then in the bonus game you will have to find a chest with gold. Regardless of the plot of the prize round, usually the player always stays with a win.

Sometimes you can meet bonuses with bonus rounds, where you will need some skill, but in any case, it is always very easy to activate the bonus. By the way, in some video slots, you can win free drum spins, in which the last bet made will be valid, and an additional multiplier may be present that can even grow.

Bonus symbols

Some online casino in their symbols arsenal may have bonus symbols, or bonus symbols. These images often don`t have payout odds, but launch bonus games. Activation of bonus rounds occurs when these symbols fall out in a certain combination.

Free reel

Many casino online visitors choose online slots in which there is a bonus offer in the form of free spins, or free reel starts. A series of free spins triggers a certain symbol or its combination, and the player receives the winnings at the last bet. Free drum starts is the simplest bonus game, but it`s also the most profitable.

Risk game

Free slots online often give players a chance to increase their winnings several times after successful spins in a risk game, or a game of chance. Usually this game is activated by the Gamble button, where you need to guess the color or the suit of the card. It`s worth noting that the correctly guessed color of the card will bring double the winnings, and if you can correctly guess the suit, the winnings will be four times more. In some slot machines you can double your winnings in the game against the dealer.

Wild symbol

A large number of games in the arsenal of additional characters is wild, or Wild. This symbol plays the role of a joker, that is, it is capable of replacing any symbol in the gaming machine. Often, online slots have one wild symbol, sometimes a function can be activated, which increases the number of such symbols or its capabilities.


The multiplier, multiplier and coefficient are the specific number by which the bet or the win is multiplied in the game. Many free slots online offer to receive additional multipliers not only in the main game, but also in bonus rounds. The size of the multiplier have an unpredictable value – from two to the most incredible sizes.

Progressive jackpot - play slots at GetCasinoSlots and get big jackpots

Many free online casinos offer online slots with progressive jackpots, that is, additional winnings that accumulate with each bet of players. The probability of winning the progressive jackpot is much lower than usual, since in some games its size can reach just fabulous sizes. After someone breaks it, the amount is reset to the starting amount and begins to accumulate again.

It is worth noting that some casinos combine a certain gaming machine into one network, which allows players to take part in the game with a huge progressive jackpot.

Scatter symbols

A scatter symbol is active in any slot of a free slot machine and no tied to pay lines. Often slots online with a scatter symbol allow you to win not only the multiplication of the total bet, but also activate bonus games.


The term volatility determines the frequency and size of winnings in the gaming machine. All free online slots have their own volatility, with which the player can choose the game for themselves. For example, with a low value of volatility, the frequency of loss of gains is high, but their size is small. But at a high value, it`s worth waiting for large payments, but rarely.


Previously, the slots didn`t have any features and certainly did not differ in themes. These were machines with typical symbols of fruits, bells or 777. Now, online casinos offer games with the most incredible themes and subjects.