Play free online slot from Igrosoft

Play free online slot from Igrosoft

Igrosoft slot machines have become classics for a long time and it seems that they are completely under the influence of time. Their main advantages are in a successful mix of universal parameters and a simple control panel with entertaining and at the same time fascinating scenes. As a result, Igrosoft game slots have increased the whole army of fans, gaining the fame of one of the leaders of the modern manufacturers market.

Play free online slot from Igrosoft

Igrosoft Games

Play free online slot from Igrosoft Play free online slot from Igrosoft
Play free online slot from Igrosoft Play free online slot from Igrosoft

Historical background of Igrosoft company

Representing the average structure of the slot, any of the Igrosoft models looked fresh and original at the time of its creation. And it was at the end of the 20th century. This is not surprising, because the competition for such slots at that time was made up of classic fruit slots for 3 reels and mostly with one line.

On their background slots Igrosoft with as many as 5 reels and 9 lines were new. Of course, such a structure was not used for the first time by this company, but nevertheless, machine quickly won their audience.

Technical parameters of Igrosoft slots

Despite the rather simple structure, especially against the background of video slots of recent years, Igrosoft slot machines have retained the uncommonness of some of their characteristics. One of them lies in the principle of building valuable combinations. Unlike the popular “left to right” scheme, Igrosoft increases the chances of getting prizes by taking combinations that originate from both edges of the drums. In this case, to win enough drop in a row of 3-5 identical characters.

Another distinctive feature of the presented machines is in symbolism. As in many slots, in addition to the basic thematic signs, there are special ones in the game (Wild, scatters). In the case of Igrosoft, a special symbol in their machines is called universal.

From a technical point of view, the original is a risky round. According to the established tradition, this one here is made as a card task. But unlike most slot machines, Igrosoft does not offer to guess the suit. The first move is after a conditional dealer opening one card. The task of the participant is to choose from the remaining such a card, which in its meaning has outplayed the dealer. A successful move will double the reward for spin.

How to play slot machines from Igrosoft

Among all the other parameters, undoubtedly, Igrosoft's advantage is bonus games. Unlike preferred by other manufacturers free spins, the company Igrosoft focused on creating exciting thematic games, usually consisting of two parts.

Prize rounds echo the performance technique. The first round usually represents 5 different items that the player will have to choose in turn. He trying to successfully complete the task without encountering an obstacle. For example, in the Rock Climber online slot machine, the player’s task will be to lead his character to the top of the mountain using five ropes in turn. If the choice falls on the rope, which will lead the climber to the cave with the monster, the bonus tour ends.

The same principle of the bonus tour and the game Monkey (Crazy monkey). The choice of the player will also be presented with a rope. Pulling for them, the cheerful heroine-monkey receives various delicacies, bringing prizes to the player. However, instead of fruit, an anvil can also fall, for example, with which the prize tour stops.

Variety of bonus games Igrosoft slots

Of course, an exciting thematic game you want to go to the end, especially since the long-awaited prize is waiting for you in the final. The company Igrosoft found an interesting solution to this issue - by making the maximum stakes in the game, the user gets a kind of immunity to avoid the consequences of a wrong choice. This original option is made in a funny way, continuing the theme of each slot. Thus, in the aforementioned Crazy Monkey, a bold helmet will protect a bold from the impact of the anvil. And in the Garage slot, the universal key will contribute to the passage of the bonus game. Thus, users significantly increase the chances of receiving awards, as well as the opportunity to pass an exciting level to the end.

The first bonus round in Igrosoft games is followed by the supergame. Its essence also lies in the choice of objects, but at this stage there are only 2. Choosing the right one brings the main reward.