Free mafia slot – mystery, intrigue, investigation

Free mafia slot – mystery, intrigue, investigation

The whole world will get the glory and success by playing these online free Mafia slots without registration and no deposit. Choose your lines and make bets for free, climbing the stairs of your own criminal family. When you are the boss of the mafia, you do whatever you want. Play free gambling slots mafia online at any time, day or night. We haven`t time for rules and regulations, so online casino operates without registration.


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Free mafia slot – mystery, intrigue, investigation Free mafia slot – mystery, intrigue, investigation

Main features of the online slot Mafia

The choice of the number of lines for the game is made by pressing the buttons located around the reels: 1-20 - the buttons determine the number of occupied lines from one to twenty.

1. Select a bet per line using the ‹or› buttons.
2. The reels start when the SPIN button is pressed.
3. When you click the Max Bet button, the maximum bet on all lines is automatically made and the spinning of the Mafia gaming machine online reels starts.
4. After the reels stop, the winning combinations on the playing lines will be determined. The paytable provides payouts for 30 different prize combinations.
5.The combination on the line is considered to be winning if it contains a continuous sequence of identical symbols, starting from the leftmost reel. All winning combinations and their pay rates are shown in the winnings table.

The bonus combination isn`t tied to the selected lines and is paid if three or more Bonus symbols appear in any sequence in any position of the reels. If 3 or more Bonus symbols fall out, the combination is paid for and the bonus game is launched. Free combination is not tied to selected lines.

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The free game starts when a three or more Free symbols in the main game fall in any position of the reels. The bet per line and the number of occupied lines are saved from the previous free game round. The value of the bet and the number of occupied lines cannot be changed.

The current number of free spins won is displayed at the bottom of the game board. The rules for determining the payment of winning combinations coincide with the rules described for the Main Game.

Bonus game in the free Mafia slot

1. The bonus game is launched when 3 or more Bonus symbols are dropped in any position of the reels in the main or free game.

2. The bonus game includes 3 levels that must be completed in succession. At each level, the Player has only one attempt.

3. The goal of the game is to solve a murder. At the first level you need to guess which of the four characters committed the murder, at the second stage - to find the murder weapon, and at the third level - to find out the motive of the crime.

4. The gain per level is calculated as the product of the multiplier obtained for the attempt, the total bet. All winnings received in the bonus game are summarized and credited to the game account.

5. The bonus game ends when all 3 levels are completed.

If you still have non-played free slot Mafia, at the end of the bonus game, you will switch to the Free spin mode, otherwise - to the main game.