MGA – is a leader in the world of slots

MGA – is a leader in the world of slots

MGA Group is a major Spanish gaming machine developer. The company was founded in 1976 in Barcelona. The developers say that they created the first slots in Spain. The studio supplies slot machines and software for land and online casinos.
The company is engaged in the development of slot machines and bingo. The portfolio of slots contains more than 30 games on various topics.

MGA – is a leader in the world of slots

MGA Games

MGA – is a leader in the world of slots MGA – is a leader in the world of slots
MGA – is a leader in the world of slots MGA – is a leader in the world of slots

Offer range from MGA

MGA equips and supports the so-called recreational halls - Golden Park, bingo halls and bowling halls. In addition, they supply bar gaming machines. The list of their products includes:

- gaming machines;

- bingo;

- gaming machines and arcades for children;

- electronic roulettes;

- arcade games Coin Pusher.

Online products include more than 20 slots and 11 bingo versions.

Features of gaming machines from MGA

MGA produces vibrant gaming machines with 3 and 5 reels. Compared to other producers, the company's portfolio has a rather large proportion of 3-reel machines. Their feature is in a large number of bonuses, which is not the case with all 5-reels devices.
Usually in the slots there are “wild” and scatter symbols, there are free spins and risk games. Winnings are credited often enough. Themes affect all popular genres: fruits, fantasy, pirates, antiquity.

Most popular slot machines from MGA

Below is a list of the most popular slot machines of the MGA company:

- Bucaneros;

- La Reina del Nilo;

- Celtic;

- Robin;

- Roma.

1. Bucaneros is 3-reel single-line slot machine. The slot offers betting limits from 1 to 3 coins. There are "wild" and bonus symbols. In the slot, the Nudges function is implemented, with which you can push the reels, forming the desired combination. The Holds function holds the desired drums in place. 4 bonus games are available. One of them is issued on the first, basic level. To run the remaining three you need to get a bonus and reach the second level.

2. La Reina del Nilo is 3-reel single-line slot dedicated to ancient Egypt. There are "wild" and bonus symbols. Features Nudges and Holds. Four bonus games are available. There is a chance to get a jackpot. Special characters activate 8 prize lines. At the maximum rate there is a chance to get bonuses with sevens. After collecting several vessels, the user receives an additional prize.

3. Celtic is a slot machine with 3 reels and 1 line dedicated to the Irish. There are “wild” and bonus symbols, as well as four bonus games.

4. Robin is 3-reel machine with a 1 line, dedicated to a famous rogue. 2 levels of the game are available, the Nudges and Holds functions. There is a chance to hit the jackpot. Special characters activate 4 bonus games, as well as complement the combinations.

5. Roma is 3-reel 1-line gaming machine with the same gameplay as described above. Slot talks about ancient Rome. There are features Nudges and Holds, four bonus games. Special symbols replace others, increase the prize three times and launch bonuses.

Other games from the producer MGA

MGA electronic roulettes are round tables around multi-sector roulettes. In each sector there is a display with a playing field, which is divided into sectors in the same way as in classic roulette.
The process of the game is the same: bets are made using touch screens, and the ball is spinning, giving a certain number. The game runs much faster, due to the fact that the dealer is electronic, and it`s more convenient for users to place bets.

1. Coin Pusher is a game in which you need to push coins with special “brushes”. Thrown up coin falls on one of the platforms. When falling, it may knock other coins, and they get to the user. Now there are many varieties of the game.

2. Bingo are devoted to different motives - the underwater world, football, racing, circus. All of them offer 4 cards and 30 balls each. You can for an additional charge to take up to 14 balls. Bingo offers bonus rounds with mini-games.

History and structure of the MGA

MGA Group was founded in 1976. The online division was established in 2001. The department is developing online slots for Spain and international markets.
Key figures include President and Founder Jaume Sanahuja and Vice President Enric Sanahuja.

Strategy and partnership of the MGA

The company is mainly focused on work in Spain, and little promotes games on the foreign market. At the same time, games always offer several languages ​​in their interface.
The second reason for little fame outside of Spain is that the country's regulated market is separated from other EU members. Nevertheless, the company annually participates in ICE Totally Gaming.
MGA Group offers well-designed slot machines with a lot of bonus games and addictive gameplay. Carefully crafted graphics and pleasant music adorn the game. The manufacturer stands out with three-reel slot machines, which are atypical for their category.