Do you like money? Then this free online slot is for you!

Do you like money? Then this free online slot is for you!

Love magic and mystical adventures? Then try the Money slot machines online, that you can play online for free. The young sorceress, the student of the old magician, is going to fight with the dragon. This is the plot chosen by the creators for their new slot. On the reels of the free online Money slot machine you will find a lot of magic. It`s present in all symbols, in a risk game, and in free spins, following very interesting rules with an additional bonus in the form of a magic wand.


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Do you like money? Then this free online slot is for you! Do you like money? Then this free online slot is for you!

How to play the free Money slot machine online

1. The game can be played on any odd number of lines, from 1 to 9.

2. To choose the number that suits you, use the corresponding key located in the center of the control panel of the gaming machine.

3. The bet on each of the selected lines will be the same, its level is set from 1 to 100 credits, using the “bet one” key. Press it until you see the number you need in the box above the key.

4. And if you want to maximize your chances by placing the maximum possible amount on all lines at once, then use the “bet max” button.

5. If you play for free, an amount of 1000 credits will be credited to your account

This free slot can be launched in two ways. If you want to play a regular Money without changing its parameters, then press the “automatic start” key. If you use the “start” key, then the slot reels will make only one rotation and you will be offered to increase the gain in the risk game, if the combination falls on the line on which the bet was made. Only those sequences of identical images that stretch from left to right, starting from the first coil, are counted. You can learn the nuances of how to play free Money slot machine using the “info” key. This button also calls up a table with odds from various winning sequences.

Symbols and factors of free Money slot online

The main symbol on the reels of the Money online machine is the portrait of a young fairy with blue hair. Even if only one such drawing comes out, the player gets a prize. The coefficients for its calculation are used such - 2, 10, 100, 1000, 5000, for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 identical images. The fairy is also a “wild” symbol, replacing any other than “scatter” - the mysterious box. If you assemble on the screen of the device, in any position, from three to five such boxes, free spins will begin. There is one more service symbol, a magic wand, but it can only fall in the “free spins” mode. If it appears on the central field, a special bonus becomes available.

Numbers and letters, which are usually used on playing cards, can form winning sequences of only 3, 4 or 5 identical images. For letter “A” the player will receive 10, 20, 200, for “K” or “Q” – 10, 20, 150, and the number “10” or the letter “J” will be 5, 20, 100. All other figures form combinations from 2, 3, 4, 5 identical pictures per line. The magic pink ball brings coefficients 5, 20, 65, 250, a wise white owl – 5, 25, 100, 500. For the old magician with a hat and a beard, the player’s account receives a prize taking into account multipliers 5, 40, 200, 1000.

Risk game in free slot Money

Having collected a successful combination on the slot online, you can take part in a risk game for free. Its essence lies in guessing the color of the playing card suit. This free game starts after pressing the "double" key. Guess the color – the win will double and you can play again, don`t guess – it will reset. To make the choice easier, the last 6 cards shown in previous risk games will be shown on the screen.

Free spins with extra bonus in the slot Money

To play online on the Money machine was even more interesting, the creators came up with a complex bonus game. If you collect from 3 to 5 magic boxes, you will be able to rotate the drums for free until the dragon breaks out of the cage. Moreover, the more caskets fell, the more initially there will be locks on the cage. The reels rotate, and a frame appears in the center of the screen, giving, when any character enters into it, along with a magic wand, access to an interesting bonus. The essence of it`s this – you can “conjure” credits or additional locks for the dragon, which is also very valuable, because once the dragon breaks out of the cage, the free spins stop. But perhaps the most interesting bonus during free games appears on the Sharky machine -every fallen sailboat turns into a boat with a pirate, which starts moving along the drums and helps to make bonus combinations.