Online slots from Nektan is the best method to relax

Online slots from Nektan is the best method to relax

Nektan was founded by Gary Shaw in 2011. Initially, she was engaged exclusively in the development of gaming platforms for mobile devices. She also acted as an operator. But over time, online slots began to confidently gain popularity. The company management decided to optimize their developments for use on a PC.

Today Nektan is engaged in the production and supply of gaming platforms for mobile devices (Evolve), the development of gambling games that can be simultaneously launched on PCs, smartphones or tablets on Android and iOS. Company also offers integrated solutions for mobile games operating under the license Nektan Gambling.

Online slots from Nektan is the best method to relax

Nektan Games

Online slots from Nektan is the best method to relax Online slots from Nektan is the best method to relax
Online slots from Nektan is the best method to relax Online slots from Nektan is the best method to relax

The range of offers from Nektan

Portfolio Nektan consists of more than two dozen online slot machines. The main part of the model is devoted to such interesting topics: sports, pirates, travel, heroes, etc. A distinctive feature of all slots is an unusual design and the most simple interface. They also offer many interesting features, a wide range of rates and spectacular graphics.

Among the most popular slots from the manufacturer:

- Heroic is a 5 reel online slot game with 20 paylines. It has a wild and bonus symbol called “Spins”, which gives a start to the free spins round. The online game is dedicated to the subject of dragons;
- Cave Raiders is a 5-reel slot machine with 25 paylines. It is dedicated to the Indiana Jones adventure theme. The game has a wild and scatter, as well as a round of free spins;
- Mayan Marvels is online machine with 5 reels and 15 paylines. It`s dedicated to the ancient Maya. Contains 2 special characters: wild and a picture with the inscription "Spins". Of the bonuses offered only a round of free spins;
- Meow Money is an interesting online slot dedicated to the subject of kittens. It contains five reels and 25 pay lines. There is a round of free spins, wild and scatter;
- Trolls Tale – apparatus dedicated to the theme of fairy characters. It includes 5 reels and twenty paylines. The game involves 3 special characters. There are free spins and themed bonus round.

Games from Nektan are interesting, but the developer would have to work on a variety of bonus rounds. At the moment they are very few. Most online machines contain only free spins. In addition to online video slots, the company offers roulettes, blackjack and bingo.

The history and structure of the Nektan

In 2011, Gary Shaw created the Nektan company. Initially, she specialized in the development and supply of gaming platforms for mobile devices. The plans of the show was to use the possibilities of mobile games for the white label.

In 2013, the company acquired Mfuse Limited, which specializes in the development of high-quality mobile applications. In 2014, Nektan first launched a fully-featured mobile gaming platform in its own brand-casino RMG and Chomp Casino. Nektan became the first white label partner in May 2014. It began to provide her products and services to other companies that produced them under her own brand.

Already in November 2014, Nektan signs an agreement with Spin Games LLC to get an opportunity to enter the US mobile technology market. The joint venture Respin offers casino operators an innovative way to update their customer base and increase revenues from unsupported slots, by providing players with modern content.

Today, the chief executive officer of Nektan is Leith Nissim. Under his leadership, the company began to specialize not only in the production of high-quality mobile gaming platforms, but also in the development of gambling with html5 technology, which run on mobile devices as well as on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Nektan`s strategy and partnership

Nektan's activities are mostly focused on the European market of mobile solutions, as well as on the US market. It offers its own patented Evolve platform with simple but effective business models. The company also aims to strengthen its position as an international mobile platform in the field of B2B.
The main strategies of Nektan are:

- development and delivery of RMG entertainment for white label partners;
- improving their integrated Evolve platform;
- simplification of income from mobile games for their partners, etc.
- Nektan cooperates with many leading gambling developers. It works most closely with the corporation NYX Gaming, which is one of the leaders in the gaming industry.