Portomaso Gaming – simplicity in the details

Portomaso Gaming – simplicity in the details

Portomaso-gaming presents on the online gameplay market for a long time. It was founded in 2007. It was originally created as a software developer for Live Casino. After some time, the company's activities expanded, and specialists from Portomaso-gaming began work on creating their own gaming platform for online casinos.

Portomaso Gaming – simplicity in the details

Portomaso Gaming Games

Portomaso Gaming – simplicity in the details Portomaso Gaming – simplicity in the details
Portomaso Gaming – simplicity in the details Portomaso Gaming – simplicity in the details

Software of Portomaso Gaming

The complexity of the architecture is one of the main distinguishing features of the platform Portomaso-gaming. This allows to achieve the highest quality when broadcasting gambling with live dealers from the studio. The interface, which serves to interact with customers, is different in that, it`s intuitive and a fairly simple system. HD images are responsible for the clarity of the video image, and accuracy is provided by several special sensors located on the gaming table. If player has a high-speed Internet connection, he can communicate with the dealer almost instantly. This ensures uninterrupted flow of the game, when the user instantly gets everything he needs, while not interfering with the work of the dealer.

As for account management, it`s carried out quickly, efficiently and safely. All information is transmitted instantly via a secure channel. The system interface is also endowed with a large number of additional tools.

Hardware of the Portomaso Gaming

The system was developed and created with the condition, that the operator could control and configure the gaming platform without any problems. It`s worth noting the main features of the hardware of Portomaso-gaming:

1. Support a large number of languages ​​with which employees can understand the back office interface.

2. Built-in messaging system. This system allows customers to contact technical support specialists in real time, the correspondence is saved and, if desired, you can find all sent or received messages.

3. Risk management system. This feature is designed for sports betting, it is designed for both single and multiple bets.

4. The ability to manage user profiles. In accordance with the requirements, the operator can activate or deactivate player profiles.

5. Availability approval system. In the case when the size of the bet exceeds the established limit, this service becomes active.

6. Management experience. The operator can generate a scheme for issuing various bonuses for any category of users using the BetSite function, after which these data will be automatically taken into account by the system.

Bonus system in the game Portomaso Gaming

The bonus system should be considered in more detail, because it includes the latest tools of advertising and marketing. Portomaso-gaming specialists regularly improve the bonus system, integrating additional options for embedded programs. The main goal of these improvements is to meet as many requirements and tastes of users as possible.

The bonus system can be configured for any game, you just need to assign triggers. For example, a bonus can be charged for registration, for making a deposit or a segmented bonus, i.e. bonus for getting a new level or VIP client's bonus. In turn, players can, at any time, independently check which bonuses have already been accrued to them.. For these purposes, provides a history of bonuses.