Scatters – are «must have» in the free game

Scatters – are «must have» in the free game

The free slot machine with Scatter is what you need if you want to dilute your life with bright colors, recharge yourself with a positive and become the owner of impressive winnings. This free slot will interest you with a stylish design, captivate with unusual gameplay and conquer solid payments. It`s not necessary to immediately play for money. In online casinos, even unregistered users will be able to rate it in demo mode, that is, completely free. Start your exciting adventure today!


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Scatters – are «must have» in the free game Scatters – are «must have» in the free game

The features of scatters in the game

This special character has another name – the scatter symbol. This badge provides players a good win. Any video slot is equipped with a so-called payout table, which provides information regarding the multiplication factors for each special character (the multiplier of the initial bet that the user made to the line). Opposite the scatter symbol in the paytable, players will see the multiplication factor that is applied to the bet if it falls.

The second name of this special character is not accidental. As a rule, the user has the right to win only in the case when the winning combination falls on the same line. The scatter symbol can drop out anywhere on the playing field and bring the player a fee at the total bet. There are video slots on which the scatter symbol triggers additional free spins of the reel.

The scatters hinder or help?

Do you think scatter symbols on the playing field help the player or interfere with the convergence of combinations? After all, Scatters are not wild – they do not replace other symbols for payouts and play anywhere in the slot machine field. Today I would like to talk about which slot machines with scatter symbols are more profitable for the player, and which ones interfere more. If you have been playing slot machines for a long time, then you have already noticed that the situation when two scatter symbols appear on the first two reels (of the required three to start free games), followed by a twist without the third scatter, is very common. An important difference between some video slots from others will be the payment of a common bet, a double common bet or no payout for two scatter symbols. The advantage of a player at a short distance can vary from 0% to + 4.2% to the total payment of the video slot.

The main advantages of scatter in free games online

- If the player gets two general bets for losing two scatter symbols anywhere in the playing field. Somewhat worse, if for two scatter the player returns only one total bet.
- It is important that scatter is played anywhere on the playing field. Slightly worse if they should fall into the playing line.
- A significant difference can be a multiplication factor for three, four and five scatter. Depending on the choice of slot, payments can range from 5 to 5,000 total rates.
- It is important that bonus free games start already with three scatter, and not with 4 or 5.
- Of course, it is beneficial for the player that the multiplier during the free games is 3 or more, not 2x, or the rotation takes place without an additional multiplier.