Space – is real space in slot machines

Space – is real space in slot machines

On the screen of the gaming machine, 5 reels rotate, on which 15 icons are represented. Paid combinations are formed from these pictures. For the comparison of chains, 40 constantly active lines are used.The type of game is a five-reel video slot.

The online casino guarantees the return of spent money, the size of which is equal to 96.8%. The “Space” free slot machine has become popular thanks to a wide range of bets, guaranteed prizes, free spins and fascinating themes that are so popular with regular customers of gaming establishments.


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Space – is real space in slot machines Space – is real space in slot machines

How to play the Space slot online

The free game process on the machine starts with the choice of the value of the coins. Special keys regulate spending credit on the back. Then select the size of the bet, which ranges from 0.1 to 5 credits. Allowed to play at maximum game rates. The size of the highest rate reaches 200 credit units. When the reels spin, 15 winning chains are formed from 15 images that bring cash payments to customers. Payment is subject to the most advantageous combination. The payout is made by multiplying the user bet by the game odds. Earned in the back funds are automatically credited to the credit balance of the client.

Space created especially for beginners

In the Space free video slot, an auto game mode has been developed in which the reels spin without a gamer.

Beginners are given a unique chance to test the gaming machine without investing their own cash savings. Virtual loans are awarded to all newly arrived players without exception. It is impossible to withdraw credit funds, but they can be spent on interest rates.

On the interface of the gaming machine online presents the keys that control the gameplay.

- a round button on the center of the screen activates the new spin;
- bet on the spin button is set;
- the choice of coin value is made by pressing the Coin Value key;
- the game at the maximum bet of 200 credits is launched by pressing the Bet max key;
- the pay table is opened by pressing the Play table button;
- auto play is activated by the Auto play key.

Symbols and factors free slot Space

The scatter symbol in the video slot does not function. The special sign Wild helps customers collect the most winning combinations. Wild symbol functions on the second and fourth reels. By itself, the wild sign of payments does not bring. On the screen, the symbol is represented by a red crystal. The maximum payout of video slots reaches 1000 free bets.

The maximum bet on the backs in the gaming machine Space reaches 200 credits. It is worth recalling that the size of the payout directly depends on the size of the bet made.