Free video slots – visualization of your winners

Free video slots – visualization of your winners

The most common type of free video slots today is video poker machines, which can be found in literally every second casino. However, in fact, there are much more varieties of free video slots, and their only important difference from classic slots is that all data is displayed on the video screen (including all the buttons necessary to control the game).


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Free video slots – visualization of your winners Free video slots – visualization of your winners

The main features of online video slots

The invention of video gaming machines allowed to significantly diversify the game. So, for example, modern free video slots provide not only the drawing of slots, but also all sorts of bonus games, giving the player the opportunity to win additional cash prizes.
An important feature of free video slots is that the illusion of rotation of the reels is created on the video screen or touch screen. Accordingly, in the case of the majority of such slots, the number of reels with gaming symbols printed on them isn`t three (as in the classic “one-armed bandits”), but five. Due to the increased number of reels, the number of possible combinations increases: there can be up to fifty characters on one reel, which increases the chances of up to 300 million to 1 — enough for even the biggest jackpot.

The video slot is an online, digital and modernized version of old mechanical slot machines. Where physical slot machines usually had 3 reels, several pay lines and limited bonus features, the video slot is usually characterized by 5 reels (sometimes more), amazing animation and 3D graphics, advanced features and bonus games, and paylines from 10 to 1024 and sometimes even up to hundreds of thousands.

For clarity, we note that we do not consider digital online representation of physical gaming machines to be “video slots”. Online casinos usually group them into their own category called "classic slots", and they strive to be an exact copy of real mechanical slot machines from the past or the present - or at least very similar to such machines in digital format.

What is a video slot?

There are no obvious physical limitations of a mechanical slot in the digital universe of online video slots. Thus, when it comes to innovation, functionality, and what a video slot is - or maybe - the possibilities are almost endless. As we will see, the last point is important when it comes to determining exactly what a video slot is.

A good example of “endless possibilities” is the highly innovative Red Rake Gaming Wildcano slot. The drums are in orbit and form a Mayan temple, leading to a volcanic crater in the center of the screen. You, as a player, have the opportunity to watch a wild volcano from a bird's eye view, and this is just one example of many innovations and opportunities provided by constantly changing phenomena called video slots.

Of course, there are many video slots that do not go as far into the unknown as in the example above, but still offer many innovations and functions that take full advantage of the format. A famous example of such a slot is the popular Gonzo's Quest from Netent. Here, the reels are replaced by heavy stone blocks falling from above, and each winning symbol explodes, giving way to new falling symbols in the so-called Avalanche function.

The fact is that video slots are constantly evolving, and any clear definition can impose unnecessary restrictions only on what will exceed expectations every time a developer develops a new smart idea. The best definition is likely to be that a video slot is any slot that does not fall under the category of “classic slot” briefly mentioned in the introduction.

Usually on the video slot you will find many exciting features and bonus games, but not always. Some video slots, such as Starburst and Twin Spin, are heavily inspired by classic slots, but still contain features found only in video slots. We would not call them hybrid slots, but they clearly demonstrate that the boundaries of the "video slots" category can be quite close to the boundaries of contact with classic slots.

The structure of online video slots

Another point that distinguishes modern video machines from classic slot is that the “cost” and “weight” of all game symbols are exactly the same. This means that the symbols necessary for making a more expensive winning combination are simply found on the drum less often (for example, only 1-2 times), but their value is always the same. But those game characters that are needed to make the cheapest winning combinations are found on the drum several times.
Free video slots can play several lines at the same time, and, accordingly, a winning combination can be located not only along the horizontal line, but also vertically or even diagonally. However, in the long run, casino profits do not depend on how many lines a player simultaneously plays – but for a player, the only difference is that a larger number of lines for each particular spin increases the chances of winning exactly in this round. Although, of course, we should not forget that, playing more lines, the player is first and foremost forced to bet.

Rules for playing free video slots

Although there are a lot of varieties of video machines, the principles of the game are always the same - in order to learn how to play video on slot machines, you only need to learn once and for all the functions of all buttons and even, perhaps, to learn to understand pay tables. In the paytable, which each video gaming machine provides, all possible winning combinations and, accordingly, the amount of payment for them are indicated. Always remember that the way you play on free video slots doesn`t affect the chance of winning – whether you play slowly or quickly, with one coin or two or three.
Each free video slots provides for a certain number of buttons, clicking on which the player controls the game. The number of different buttons can be up to 10-15. In the first row are usually located buttons that are responsible for the number of credits that the player wants to put on one line. Each button, respectively, shows the number of credits - for example, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20. In the other row there are buttons that determine the number of lines per spin, the maximum bet button (it`s usually called Bet Max) and, finally , the Cash / Collect button, by clicking on which, the player agrees to cash out his winnings.

Video Slot Features

Modern video slots, as a rule, have a number of different functions - some of them are standard for most or all video slots, while others are exclusive for a particular game. Here we briefly discuss some interesting features from both categories.

Paylines (ways to win)

All video slots are united by the fact that the number of paylines is usually much larger than on classic slots. In some games there are only 10 paylines, and in others 243 ways to win, or even 1024. Some slots, for example, from Big Time Gaming, even offer flexible paylines and more than one hundred thousand ways to win.

Both ways win

Some video slots allow you to win in both directions. Usually you form winning paylines from left to right, but with such slots it works in both directions.

Avalanche Feature (Cascade Coils)

First invented by NetEnt on the legendary flagship game Gonzo's Quest, the avalanche function replaces regular drums with symbols falling from above. Winning symbols usually explode or are removed in other ways and are replaced by new symbols on the same back.

Expanding wild animals, stacked wild animals and sticky wild animals

More or less each video slot contains at least one type of wild symbol. The three most common types of wild animals are growing wild, stacked and sticky wild. The first will expand to cover the full drum, the second will be large enough to cover the full drum, and the third will remain in place at least one more spin.

Scatter symbols

This is another symbol present in most video slots, but not in all. Usually this symbol launches the bonus function of free spins if you land at least 3 reels at a time (hence the name “dispel”). Landing more scatter than 3 will often mean more free spins, and sometimes landing scatter during a free spin game will give you extra spins.

Cluster pays

Another NetEnt innovation, and this feature first appeared on Aloha! Cluster Pays was released in March 2016. Since then, it has been copied by other game providers, which means that you win by forming clusters of characters, rather than building them on the paylines.