«Wild symbols» in slot machines – are a unique opportunity for big winnings

«Wild symbols» in slot machines – are a unique opportunity for big winnings

This symbol usually replaces any other symbols (other than Scatter and Bonus) on the reels of slot machines, forming winning combinations in the games. Such a proposal will allow in the demo mode of rotation of the reels to evaluate the free symbolism of video slots, including the possibility of a wild symbol, which is often present in modern online devices. With the help of a wild, you can make a lot more symbolic rows during spins and get bigger cash rewards in the games. In addition, very often this sign of the virtual machine is responsible for the distribution of a generous cash jackpot.


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«Wild symbols» in slot machines – are a unique opportunity for big winnings «Wild symbols» in slot machines – are a unique opportunity for big winnings

Main features «wild symbol» online

Wild symbols are provided in almost all free gambling slots online of the new generation. For example, everyone who chose GetCasinoSlots for free almost always provides the opportunity to assemble chains of special characters. Without them, it is already quite difficult to imagine virtual slots online, since wild symbols help to complete winning combinations, making the slots of the new generation as profitable as possible. Without this condition, they would hardly have become mega popular.

Why «wild symbols» are such popular?

It should be noted that the presence of a “wild” symbol makes the slot automatically more advantageous and profitable. There are two explanations for this. First, with the help of “wild” symbols, you can complete incomplete chains of identical ordinary pictures. For example, if there are only two identical simple symbols in the sequence, and at least three are needed for the payout, then a “wild” symbol in the desired position on the screen can save the situation. If such a picture falls next to an incomplete chain or inside it, then the combination will be considered extended or enlarged. Sequences involving wild symbols are payable at double the coefficients.

The main advantages of «wild symbols» in free slots online

Many slots of the new generation not only contain a “wild” symbol, but also provide for the possibility of its “expansion” to the whole drum. This means that if the “wild” symbol fell out on any one playing line, then it immediately spreads to the whole coil. It is easy to imagine how many new prize sequences will form such an “extension”, because the “wild” symbol can be counted instead of any ordinary pictures. The loss of the "wild" symbol on the lines is possible not only in the framework of the main game. Modern slots have special additional modes in which the appearance of a “wild” symbol on the screen is also possible. The functionality of such a picture, provided it drops out in real scrolling mode, is retained. With the help of “Wild” in Free Spin mode, you can also complete any sequence of ordinary symbols and increase their payout ratio by half.