Wildlife slots is a great way to relax

Wildlife slots is a great way to relax

Photographer's profession is one of the most interesting in the world. Do not believe? Well, judge for yourself. Only the photographer is always in the center of various events. Through the lens of his camera, he monitors the development of a sports match from the best rostrum, at a rock concert he always comfortably settles in a special sector for the press, and when he is going to make a photo series about wild animals, he will climb into the most mysterious places of our planet. Intrigued? Already want to visit the place of such a photographer? Then the free online Wildlife video slot is for you!


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Wildlife slots is a great way to relax Wildlife slots is a great way to relax

Features of the Wildlife slots machines

Bonus options that, according to the developers' calculations, will be able to provide users with excellent prize results will be expected by bidders at the positions of the game section, also filled with the names of the usual and special format.

Money prizes of different sizes in the lines will create pictures of animals and face values ​​of cards. For activation of special prize functions in The Wildlife slot machine, a selection of symbols of a special type is responsible:

- Wild (lion) - forms the usual accruals in lines and can replace any other symbols (except for the scatter) in potentially winning chains to form prizes in such combinations provided for by the rules of the size slot. Appears on drums in a composite form.
- Scatter (letter) - opens access to the free spins stage at that moment of the game, when a set of 3 (or more) activators of this type stopped at any position of the playing field.

Free prize in the Wildlife slot online

Free games in The Wildlife slot are unusual. It all starts classically - the photographer needs to get permission to conduct photography. 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols "Resolution" will bring long-awaited bonus games to the player. Among all the permits received, you will have to choose only one - it will indicate which animal has the right to shoot the photographer. This animal will be a wild symbol for free spins. If a super symbol is dropped on any reels at the same time and a photographer is on the middle drum, the player will receive a prize.

How to play risk game

As a double in this slot – the risk game "Red-Black-Color". This is a great opportunity for the most reckless and confident in their luck players to increase their winnings by 4 times at once – if you correctly guess the suit of a closed card. Or double the amount received, guessing the color of this card – red or black.

How to win jackpot in WildLife slot

After filling in the activation scale for the jackpot and smaller cash prizes, a special window will open for the user in the upper left part of The Wildlife slot machine. Here, the rotation of the reels determines the size of the jackpot or the usual payout of a fixed amount.

The prize stage of The Wildlife slot machine

A selection of activators in the amount of more than three scatters provides a bet participant with a package of 15 free spins with one randomly defined symbol. After combining on the field with the photographer’s picture, he will perform the functions of the wild, expanding in the vertical plane. The bonus game mode can be restarted, but the maximum number of additional spins is limited to 100 spins.

In The Wildlife slot machine, each player can become a professional photographer, immersed in the habitat of wild animals and promising prize options. The benefits of their action are confirmed in high returns and volatility.

You can evaluate the idea of the slot, the atmosphere created by the experts and bonus features in the free game mode on our review page, where you can also test winning tactics that will help to form the desired cash prize in the mode of setting your own funds in popular casinos.