The WMS-gaming is old-timer of the gaming industry

The WMS-gaming is old-timer of the gaming industry

The producer of WMS Gaming, also known as Williams Interactive, is a company with a rich history, which began as a manufacturer of mechanical pinball machines, and is now a major developer of software for land and online casinos, as well as arcade video games. More than 70 years of successful work allowed us to develop our own optimal algorithm for creating gambling games, suitable for the most diverse target segments of the gambling audience.

The WMS-gaming is old-timer of the gaming industry

WMS Games

The WMS-gaming is old-timer of the gaming industry The WMS-gaming is old-timer of the gaming industry
The WMS-gaming is old-timer of the gaming industry The WMS-gaming is old-timer of the gaming industry

The main information about WMS

The company was opened in 1940. Its founder was Harry Williams, who owns the invention of the inclined mechanism for pinball machines. Already by the 60s, the manufacturer managed to sell thousands of pinball machines, and in 1974 the WMS Industries corporation was founded, which became famous not only as a developer of slot machines, but also as the creator of the cult video game Mortal Combat. Other popular games were released under the same brand:

- NBA Jam;
- Defender;
- Stargate.

The company entered the video slot production market in 1994 and was among the pioneers who began to introduce innovative intellectual technologies into simple traditional designs. One of the first developer devices that appeared in land-based casinos is Reel ‘em In. It differed from the usual one-armed bandits by the presence of bonuses and improved graphics. In the wake of this slot’s success, the Jackpot Party, Boom and Filthy Rich were released.

Now Williams Interactive cooperates closely with major online casinos and gambling operators. The head office of the manufacturer is in Nevada. Representative offices of the corporation operate in the following countries:

- Australia;
- Canada;
- India;
- China;
- South Africa;
- Mexico;
- Netherlands;
- Austria;
- Argentina;
- Great Britain.

In 2012, the company developed a platform for integrating slot machines with Facebook accounts. Currently, the annual turnover of the corporation is more than 500 million dollars. About 70 percent of revenue is from online casinos in the USA.

Machines from WMS gaming

The online casino features more than a 100 slot machines created by WMS gaming. In the bulk, these are traditional 5-reel slots with wild symbols and scatter. Most of them have bonus bonus rounds, thanks to which the winnings can be calculated in 5-digit amounts. Since the competition among modern video slot developers is high, the manufacturer tries to use a variety of topics to attract as many players as possible to its products.

A worthy place in the WMS Gaming slot machine line is occupied by video slots dedicated to Egypt. The device Egyptian Rishes is one of the most popular developments of the manufacturer. The company often uses popular works of popular culture as the basis for the plot. Due to this, the following slot machines appeared:

- The Simpsons;
- Gremlins;
- Austin Powers;
- Mad Men;
- Willy Wonka;
- Bruce Lee;
- Star Trek;
- Van Helsing.

Many devices from Williams Interactive created with an emphasis on historical themes. The brightest of them are Montezuma and Roman Chariots. There are video slots that will surely appeal to music fans, for example, Kiss and Elton John.

Company achievements

WMS gaming company is primarily valued for the fact that its devices have a beautiful graphical shell, as well as thoughtful themes. Cooperation with many online casinos is carried out for many years of successful work. During this time, the company has established itself on the good side.

High production growth rates also indicate the company's stable position in the online casino gambling industry.

WMS-gaming is a real old-timer of the gaming industry, which has been on the market for over 70 years. During this time, the company managed to make a lot of different devices and has extensive experience in this field. The rich history and diligence of the employees of the organization around the world brings the expected results – the company is still popular and produces high-level devices.